The Nintendo Switch: Worth your paycheck, or another pricey paperweight?

All I can say is that Nintendo better come with a lot of good games for this system. Console releases can quickly flop when it does not have many good games to keep people interested in buying it past the initial release. 

Nothing worse then having buyers remorse solely on the game not having enough games to keep the console feeling like it was worth the purchase. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a console that collects dust while turning into a electronic paperweight. 

This console is only as good as the effort they put in to keep people interested in playing it. The Nintendo Switch can go down in history as one of the most versatile consoles in a player's life.

Accommodating an active lifestyle is key to getting people up off the couch, or from sitting in uncomfortable positions for a prolonged time because they don't want to lose the progress they have in a game on a stationary console. 

We shall see if they abandon the console by giving it limited promotion past initial sales, lack of games, or shoddy support for the system.


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