MonoChropocalypse: A look into Layered Fashion

I love a Ric Owens spin on an garment. It brings a stealthy ninja look to fashion that is bar none the fastest way to turn heads when you walk in the room. With fashion slithering its way into damn near naked, the woman's form is often draped in nothingness which takes away from the mystery and classiness that is available to women due to so many fashion choices. I want to show the fierce minimalist androgyny of this style and how commanding the look can be! 

The key to this look is Asymmetrical cuts, heavy layering, hooding, and body hugging garments that are very interchangeable for limitless looks. It is almost as timeless and functional as that little black dress. Another wonderful feature is that this is a look not limited to a certain body type. It can hide flaws and accentuate the plusses in a body's form.  There is nothing wrong with adding a few layers if it turns up your awesome and makes you look badass in the process.

Now many may call this kind of look 'Goth" or "ninja" fashion. That may be the case, but it is functional, comfortable, and fly at the same time. The great thing about this is that you can add color and even prints and kick this up a notch! It does not have to be all dark and muted colors. But it is a great starting point! Options are endless and can be unique as each person's style.


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