Fashion DO NOTS: Faux Fur Vests

Personally I do not care what comes into season. What these stores put on the rack are not always the best choices for the masses. One of those fashion staples this year are these faux fur vests. They are NOT the business for ANYONE

First off I cannot see representing life in something that looks like I shot a dog that strayed from the hood, skinned it, cut armholes, threw it on my back and called it fashion.
Secondly, I am not wearing anything I am scared to get caught in a random rainfall because it will shrink and stink. 

Thirdly, I am not wearing nothing as a big woman that looks like I skinned the rest of my body and decided just to leave on a vest shaped patch of hair so I could style and profile. I am not trying to be called a partially nude bearilla just for the sake of a lil fur like fashion. My back is too wide and I don't have the time to be jenking and jonesing my way out of a word battle aimed at me because of this CATastrophe. Which when you come to think of it, it DOES look like cat fur...

And Lastly, NO.


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