AfroPunk Festival's Taste of Eclectic Fashion Funk!

After crying profusely from not being able to afford to go to this year's AfroPunk festivities, I got over myself and calmly walked over to my desk and took several seats. It taught me that I should have been saving up for it all year prior, then I would not be over here whining. But I did not deprive myself from checking online to see the lineup, read the write ups on how the performances were, and of course catch up on the amazing style of the people in attendance. 

Now I already knew there was going to be an eclectic mix of all things amazing in that crowd and I was not disappointed, other than wishing I had witnessed it in person. We are such amazing beautiful creatures, unique and magnificent and most of all creative. So I want to share with you some of the amazing people at the AfroPunk Festivals from multiple states showing off their stylish fashion sense. You can see African, Indian, Asian influence infused together with little sprinkles of New Jack, Hippie era, Punk, skater style.

But whatever it is, it is nice to see individuality in fashion. From the looks of it, people understood there were no boundaries in how you expressed yourself through makeup, hair and clothes, and with accessories. It made for interesting looks, and a few ideas that I think I am going to have to steal! Take a look at the amazing language of personal style that went down this year at the AfroPunk Festival!! 


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