Fall/Winter Trend: Rainbow Colored Tresses for that Color POP

The time has come for the weather to start changing. One of the Fall/Winter color schemes is dark, dark, and more dark. But it does not have to be ALL dark. One of the trends is letting the hair tell that colorful story, by dyeing it shades of the rainbow. While this look is not for everyone, many are using the hair color as a way to spice up the dark colors of Fall and Winter in a exciting way. Take a look at these amazing, rich colors!

Not everyone can pull off hair color that leaves the basic colors of black, brown, blond, auburn and grey. Whether it be personality conflict, age or style constraints, wearing a delicious orange or burgundy color has to have that colorful personality that mirrors the colors of their hair. In other words, brightly colored hair is not for the shy.

A lot of teens over the years have used a little bit of everything to dye their hair as a way to express their individuality. From cheap hair color to Kool-Aide, the colors can range from bright day-glo colors to a mousy bland whisper of where colors have been. Many may end up with a head full of blah, because the upkeep on color is tedious to keep it looking lush. 

With coloring the hair, you have to be careful not to damage your hair and skin. For most people, they have to bleach first before they add color, and that is where the damage can begin. If done right, professionally, color can be an amazing highlight to your healthy hair. If you are losing the battle of keeping your hair healthy at the sake of vibrant color, you have to weigh other options if you want your hair for the long run.

Like I stated earlier, color is not for everyone. If you love color and you KNOW your hair can't handle the process, I say you consider wigs, color pieces, temporary dye with less harsh processes, or even color spay that washes out. Because no color is worth losing hair over. Check out some great colorful styles below! 


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