Note to Females: Don't get OLD in Hollyweird

I was recently reading a Fox News article about Melanie Griffith and her complaint about how Hollywood has few acting parts for older women.  The article often mirrored the same sentiments that women of color have about Hollywood. This often spoke on how they are often left empty-handed when attempting to find roles that allow them to show their abilities without stereotypical roles,  such as impoverished single mothers, hookers, or some other role that is an insult to their abilities as actors.

While men in Hollywood do not face this same issue, with most of them having fruitful acting careers well into their 60s, women are often given an expiration date the moment her youthful beauty begins to fade. This causes many actresses to become addicted to plastic surgery to keep the clock hands of aging at bay. But it still rings true that young, and beautiful is the only thing working in Hollywood.

Do you think a wider spectrum of parts are missing from the entertainment business, and therefore the audience due to the few roles not given to women of a certain age?


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