Kim Kardashian: The Designer's Guinea Pig

I for one feel it was really unfair how they did Kim Kardashian by way of fashion last night. If you walk into any Wal-Mart across America you will find the second you walk into the plus size section the flower parade begins. You will find the ugliest clothes covered in huge flowers like a someone planted a garden in the wrong place. Who in the hell thinks big means "put flowers on it?" If anything you want to be as less conspicuous as possible due to the society standard that being smaller is better.

Well last night Kim Kardashian made her first appearance at the MET Gala after being rumored to have been banned by Anna Wintour herself. Kim's first appearance may have been in light of the fact of who she is dating, and that she is soon to be a mother. Motherhood has a way of softening the hearts of others like no other, and Kanye being famous and now a fashion designer himself, he is the perfect ticket in to the Gala for Kim Kardashian.

Well Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy did Kim Kardashian greasy by putting her in a frock made for when you have SARS, yet want to look festive during the twilight of winter. The only thing missing this thing was a hood, and matching purse with shades and a dog dressed in the same print.( I'm kidding) I mean WHO would cover a pregnant woman like that, and actually mean it? Problem is, is that the whole outfit was insulting to Kim's growing belly, short waist, and short legs. OBVIOUSLY Riccardo Tisci did not take Kim into account, but rather making this moment, his moment to be that dressmaker's design that Jennifer Lopez wore with the crashing neckline, or Halle Berry's Oscars gown. Had he taken Kim and her baby into account Riccardo Tisci could have had just that, the dress that brought Kim, Riccardo Tisci and maternity wear a win. Instead this Frankendress, was a major setback.

Now some say that right before the Gala, Kim came in for a fitting several times because she didn't like how the original dress she was going to wear fit her growing belly, but for the most part, I still fault the designer because that is YOUR work going out the door. I would have just opted to alter the original dress to fit, or told her I have nothing to dress you in if the end result would have been this carpet from a hotel lobby during the 80s look. Kim Kardashian has to get over being so vain, and feeling that every dress she wears has to be fitted. In her attempt to wear a fitted dress, she aged herself by 5 years, and shortened her height by at least 2 inches, and widened her ass by 2 sizes. Not to mention her makeup aging her look like her mother.

Instead Riccardo Tisci created this dress as if he was dressing a parade float for the festival of flowers. A  beautiful SOLID color empire waisted dress, with a slight accent of actual hand made flowers would have done Kim Kardashian-West a solid, and Riccardo Tisci would be the go-to-guy for Maternity evening wear. I think Riccardo Tisci missed his shot with this monstrosity of mess that no thigh high slit could salvage. I got such a Mama from Mama's Family show from this look.  So elderly. Better luck next time. If there is one.

(sidenote: He made her matching orthopedic shoes. I wanna vomit.)

Pregnancy and Red Carpet done right!


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