The Golden Globes Glamourous Looks for 2013

I am really proud of how well the women looked this year for the Golden Globe Awards. We all know that this is the practice run for the Oscars, but the ladies did not skimp on the elegance and class. I am just going to jump in with my take on this years red carpet looks...

Actress Jennifer Lawrence

I cannot say enough about this look here... she incorporated color, sensuality, style, and femininity all without losing herself in jewels and distracting accessories. Being a minimalist when it comes to your fashion is not a bad path to take when you have beautiful features like Jennifer. I give this look a 10 out 10!

Singer Taylor Swift

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.... I think Taylor has some of the most beautiful cherub-like features that gives her an ageless complexion, this dress and drawn back hair however ages her. Although she is very svelte in body shape, she is not curvy enough to pull off this dress effectively. Her church bra shaped boobs, hips that are M.I.A., and a lil tooshie might have helped this out tremendously. Her stylist, if she has one, gets a slap on the hand, and a don't do this to her anymore. She is a young lady, dress her as such.

Singer Adele 

Adele can do no wrong in my eyes. She is always amazingly beautiful. Her voice is a precious gift, and her music is a necessity. However, I do think the matronly look on such a young beautiful woman is wearing a little thin. She may think that black is slimming, but she is a great size and it is time to wear color, time to change the lengths on her close and stop hiding her voluptuous body. #teambbw!

Jessica Alba 

Jessica! Alba! YES! #thatisall

Kate Hudson

This is a nice dress, but on Kate, no. The military look is too Elvira meets Janet "Control" Jackson. The blonde hair laying on the accent part of the dress is a fashion faux pas isn't it? Meh. Trying to hard if you ask me. 

Lea Michele

CLASSIC! Lea Michele is a bejeweled babe in this elegant number. I love the train of the dress. Very Mother of the bride, but I am impressed. A little mature for such a young lady, but she looks amazing. I think this dress is Oscar caliber, it would be nice to see how she tops this at the Academy Awards!

Megan Fox

Dress a 10! Body a 10! Hair a 10! Face, PAUSE. Leave the knives alone! #movingon

Nicole Richie

Too Olympics figure skating competition for me. #nohoney. I am surprised this dress didn't come with a hood and some Sunday elbow gloves, a face mask and some thigh high leg warmers. On a major side note, face up, FLAWLESS! 

Kelly Osbourne

I am just going to put it out there, I am SO glad Kelly grew out of the grunge funky stank look she was owning back in the day. The woman that stand here today is well put together, and the lilac hinted hair, is just posh... and reminiscent of her rebellious ways against cookie cutter fashion. I love it.

Halle Berry

In ANYTHING Halle wears on the reds... she is going to OWN IT! This look is no different. Too look this amazing well into her 40s let people know that is Lena Horne Jr. when it comes to beautiful her whole life. This look gives us color, lines, asymmetrical amazement, and fluid movement. Powerful! (do you see those gams?)

Amy Poehler

This look would have been killer successful with the right shoe. The  hair, jewelry, and tailored suit look was passable, but the shoe is a mismatch for this look. I would have went Alexander McQueen, or Camilla Skovgaard. But the look is passable. Glad she broke the monotony of dresses and went pants on us.

Jacki Weaver 

Sorry  but this is my favorite color. I have nothing bad to say about Jacki or her look. Everything is done tastefully, and she is outshining a lot of the younger women here tonight because she went with it, and came out ready to paint the red carpet beautifully green... 

Kaley Cuoco 

Um, the morbid makeup, gets a hell no, and two why's. Neck down, is a Hell Yes. The intricate design, soft sheer flow of the gown, perfect length and soft swept back hair is perfect. A nude lip (preferably peachy), and more dramatic shadow, minus the "tire skid mark" eyeliner would have completed this look to a tee. 

I think overall the ladies stepped it up this year. I could have covered more dresses, but for the most part I posted some major contenders for the good and the bad side of how to come correct/incorrect. I am happy there was nothing drastic. The Golden Globes was represented well.

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