I WANT THAT LOOK!!: Recession approach to star style: BEYONCE!

I have been wanting to do a BEYONCE  Recession approach post for a while, but you know how much she changes clothes. She is so laid back and down to Earth when she dresses on her daily routine. When she is on the stage however, and doing appearances, it is over the top because it is Beyonce, DUH! Now for us average people, we dress like Beyonce when we are in the regular clothes, don't really need a post for that. It is not hard to put a jean short and t-shirt together. But I finally found a look that I like of hers that would look great to wear out to the club, out to dinner with the crew, or even on a date. So here we go Beyonce Style! 

I am not sure of the designers of her pieces she is wearing, so I am just going to replicate the look for less.

I WANT THAT LOOK!!: Recession approach to star style that won't hurt your pockets

A Wear black leather blazer
$96 - awear.com

Warehouse metal jewelry
$9.63 - warehouse.co.uk

iPod Boombox

A|Wear Black PU Panel Blazer $98

Reiss Trinity Jacquard Cigarette Pants $79

MANGO Linen T-Shirt $15

Anne Klein Wrenn $89

Warehouse Oversize Hoop Earrings $9.63 

TOTAL: $290.63

Now you may consider that still a little high for one outfit, but if you look at the pieces in this outfit, they can be interchangeable with many other pieces in your wardrobe for infinite combinations. THAT is important in a woman's wardrobe.


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