New Age Design... (My Hot Picks)

Mint Siren By Josefine Wing
Fly Pieces
I am always looking for that something different. I watch celebs, everyday people, designers... but that something different is always what catches my eye. I see the norm everyday.  The same outfits, the same prints and designs, I want to see more, but not many fashion forward designers are affordable to the everyday people I see. But it is that lil piece of something that make me a lil more happy.... Here are a few... 

Mehndi Designs

I have always been in love with the intricate designs that goes into creating these beautiful prints. I have never had one, but this summer, I may change that. I think something cute on my feet or on one of my hands may be what I get. I often see horrific tattoos of things that make no sense, tell no story, but these are so festively rich and decorative.

Hot Feet

I am a sucker for a fly sneaker. I am more partial to no names.. but these Pumas are so decent. I can see several different entities in play here.. but you can see what I am talking about. 

Alexander McQueen Puma

Maximum style CUTS
I love a blouse, a jacket, a pant that has that deliberate cut, slice, or accented line that makes the whole design pop. I chose these pieces because each one has that little something... special.



Thierry Mugler


With all these people screaming that heels are destroyers of all things feet, one would want to pass by all stores carrying anything with a heel over 2". The reality is.. heels are getting higher, along with the price tag, but I doubt women will EVER stop shopping for heels. Here are a few that made my cut of extra gorgeous.

Diane Kruger

Jerome C. Rousseau


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