Billboard 2012 Awards Fashion and Follies...

Well here is another year to honor this thing THEY call music, because Besides Adele and a few others that understand melody, choruses and that whole melodic thing , most of this stuff is just noise. The performances often sound like hyped up karaoke, So let's get to the fashions...

There is always someone that I need to go in on when it comes to these awards shows and clothing choices. This year Miley Cyrus really annoyed me to the hilt with her "Mother of the Bride that just screwed the Best Man and threw his Jacket on" look. This is one of the classeless looks that went for sexy and just landed on you look stank. I really feel disappointed that 20 year old Miley couldn't go from young girl to young lady. She just went straight to looking a oversexed mess. Stop selling it Hannah and go talk back to Disney.

Carrie Underwood is always consistent when it comes to what she wears. Always classy, sexy, and feminine. I can appreciate her musical talent and also the fact that she took it prom night beautiful for tonight's awards... The color is so soft, yet still eye-catching. Pink and Lavender tulle, peep toe shoes, and a cute candy clutch to finish it off.... yes Carrie. Yes!

Boy has Brandy grown up. This futuristic flapper style dress is screaming siren! The length of the dress allows Brandy to show off her long legs and puts her beautiful shoes on display... I see that little homage to the Late Donna Summer with the hair, she carries it off well. She is a long way from just wanting to be down... She got this sexy look down packed. 

I just get the Hip Hop Dalmatians on this one. ... Let's move on.

Nelly Furtado always makes me smile. I miss her funky voice and fun stage presence. I could use a little more of her on television by way of acting, singing and performing, but that's just me. Now as far as this dress here, I am on the fence. Although this is a safe look, it is really screaming grandma's dolie, especially around the neck area. I am going to give her a pass this time due to it not being too bad of a look. With her beautiful face, and nice body, I think she should have accented it more with something more form fitting. 

Taylor Swift will always be the girl interrupted to me.. thanks to Kanye. I find her looking older without her wisps of girl curls and little lace and flowered dresses she adorns during her tour. This look however is very nice. It just looks like it belongs on someone more top heavy. Not saying it only looks good on someone with large breasts, but it would have really set off that design on top.  I give her mad props for going from her regular red lipstick to a more muted lip and turning up the volume on her dress.... 

As much a fan as I am NOT of Alicia Keys, babydoll is WEARING the HELL out of this black sheath of a dress. I am loving the color, the red lips and the up-swept hair, and minimal jewelry. It is nice when people know how to let a dress or a shoe shine without drowning it in accessories or other things that take away from that statement piece.  Her post-baby body is the truth... hontee... 

Katy Perry is so gorg to me... But these candy coated, swimsuit material dresses are killing me. It is like she stepped out of  a scene in the Lil Mermaid  when I see her at a show. I can stomach the hair color because it is not too overwhelming, but her stylist needs a class or two on how to dress something other than a fish in the sea. Katy's fair skin screams for more Earthy tones, maybe some blues, and less grade school book bag colors. She is a grown ass woman, make no damn sense.

Justin Beiber will always look sixteen years old. That is gonna be messed all the way up when he is 30 years old. Not much to say about this look other than he looks comfortable trying really hard to give us the smokey eye that Tyra Banks speaks so highly of on her show. Sigh @ painted on saggy jeans. 

Jordin Sparks is so sugary sweet that it gives me a toothache. I just wish for once she would just be more relaxed, less Nickelodeon. I am proud of her keeping up with her weight loss. I really think the color is not very flattering, and the shoes, a hot no. But I guess. I got bored while typing about her look. 

Looks like a bedazzled hotel bath towel.  Julianne, no.  #IJS

How old is Usher again? 

I enjoyed not only looking at, but listening to The Wanted tonight on the show.  It is nice to see young men dressed in such a dapper manner. It took me back to a time when a suit was a symbol of taste and status. Streamlined looks among them makes this group pop up on the radar for me. I will be looking to more music from them. Some of those group members have some amazing voices.  

I know it is early and more red carpet celebrity poses are coming out, I may come back and add more, so check back soon. Hopefully some NICE fashion looks graced the reds... if not, I am sorry, but not many celebrities came to this awards show, so we are limited lol. 


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