Personal Style: Urban Fashion that Cuts the Edge!

Personally I am tired of seeing people in the streets wearing the same things. From the movies during the 80s there was suppose to be floating cars and other futuristic type things going on in our society by now. Well it seems like the more time passes, the more primitive we become. We are so undeveloped that this is the era of the remake, the rehash , and the retro look. Well I think some things are nice but it is time for some people who can push us forward...... Fashions that Cut the Edge!


You may or may not like what you just saw, but the point of this is be unique, flaunt your own style. Push the limits of fashion in a cohesive way. It is not ALL about wacky colors and hair and bullshit. Sometimes just using lines, angles and rhythm can be enough to make that outfit turn into a masterpiece... with your added attitude and flair of course... lol  


  1. I am kinda liking the Am Golhar look up there. I think everyone is just creatively lazy. They wait to see what some actor or rapper is wearing & just copy. You are so right: just be yourself.

    Good post!


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