Springtime Accessories for 2012: Color it up!!

After the past few years of black creeping in and turning Spring and Summer into the year of copy Rihanna and Lady GaGa, I am glad to say that color is making it's way back to the forefront. Accenting your ensemble with splashes of color often makes heads turn faster than any name brand outfit, and you can do it inexpensively. Check out some of this years great accessories to add to your arsenal of girlishness...!

Juicy Couture Starter Bracelet 

 Juicy Couture Bow Stud Leather Bracelet 

Anna MCD Large Copper Birds Cuff


Kris Nations

The Carrotbox



Look to add more gems, color, and metals to your accessory lists. They bring the eye to not only the piece, but also accent the outfit you are wearing. Nothing more eye catching than a bangle that glistens or pops with color, to bring out your personality... try it. 


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