I WANT THAT LOOK!!: Recession approach to star style that won't hurt your pockets.

Not many celebrities can have the paparazzi at the door of a boutique drooling and taking pics like Kim Kardashian. I still don't think she has any talents that should have made her a celebrity, but if she lays off the plastic surgery, she may age into quite the beautiful old lady. Well this outfit caught my eye because it is straddling the Summer/Fall line. The nude back, Summer, the color and heaviness of the material along with the closed toe boots, Fall. But nonetheless this is a slamming outfit, well at least from the front. That nude back screams Ice-capades. But I am sure that dress alone is at least $2000. But this is a do-able look that anyone can copy for a fraction of what it costs. So here we go.

Dress: $2170

SO I know that you know that I had always known...just kidding.. Now I know you didn't think I was going to leave you guys out there without a more affordable version of this HOT look that Kim Kardashian is sporting. It is Prom Season... Who says you have to wear a long dress to be formal? Well here is it... Now you will have to improvise by wearing a shirt over the dress, but in doing so, you get the same look Kim Kardashian has above.

Calypso bubble hem dress $69 - calypsostbarth.com
All Saints draped top $50 - allsaints.com
Charlotte Russe leopard print booty
$36 - charlotterusse.com
Jvin quilted handbag
$65 - yesstyle.com

Total: $220

Bettyboopbbw loves yawl so much That she saved you all(drum roll please!!!)


You don't all have to thank me at once...lol Hope everyone has a great Spring...gonna be introducing some new looks soon... look out for that on IMASTYLEGODDESS!


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