The First Image Teaser of Nicola Formichetti’s Debut Mugler Women’s Show

As a fashion blog, I am sure you are wondering why I missed posting about the Grammies, and Oscar red carpets, and the blaring thing that  came to mind was, I didn't want to. Personally, fashions that the celebs pick out is just as contrived, boring and on purpose as it gets. And with millions of sites covering the same people, trying to use these shows to get hits really goes against my interest as to why I have this blog. 

A Style Goddess SETS the tone, not let someone dress her and then call it her own. Her regal behaviors dictates her own trend, rather than follow others and then try to out do them. I am no longer interested in Lady GaGa antics, Rihanna's crayola inspired entries, or some other pale star dressed in an unflattering outfit... I get tired of talking about people. 

So this leads me to this post. This debut image introducing Mugler's Women's line by Nicola Formichetti displays the honoring of fashion, rather than the perversion of it. I was so intrigued by the form of the face, the purpose of the dew, the meaning behind it, and if the line will meet the standard of this first image, pulls me in, rather than will Lady GaGa show up to a show in another egg. (eye roll) There has to be more inspiration behind this line than Lady GaGa...(she still contributes)

Thierry Mugler


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