Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas...PLUS Something to change into...

I often see so many people walking around with obvious bad decisions when it comes to copying Star Style. From the vicious blood red Rihanna weaves, to the unkempt Lil Wayne DREADEDlocks. But it is often the celebs who are in violation. Here are a few recent Fashion HELL NO's that I can say should never be repeated unless they have nothing else to wear to jump in a garbage can.

Although Anne Hathaway has the sweetest face to me, this outfit is a sour mess. I see several different things going on, and none of them are doing it together. From the too small teen sweater on a grown ass woman, to the shapeless culottes and chunky leather SUMMER shoes during the WINTER, I don't think she was even looking at the clothes when she snatched them from the closet, put them on, then walked out the door and showed up here. I say go home, and put on the outfit I have assembled for you.Anne Hath A Way

Although I am totally stoked that Kelly Rowland has left those long, heavy weaves alone, I now see where they went. This jacket looks like an atrocity of indigenous project rats all accumulated to make PETA mad. Although she is usually fashion forward, Kelly took 5 steps back with this jacket alone. I suggest she looks below.... (click to see enlarged)
Kelly Brownland

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Leighton, Leighton, Leighton... what in THEE hell? Is this a backwards maternity outfit pre-worn by the Octomom? Just a salmon bleh of a mess. Ms. Meester, RUN your eyes down this post and look for what you SHOULD have worn....

Let's get it together celebs....


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