MTV's VMA's Fashion Recap + my usual



Although I couldn't pull myself to watch this years MTV VMA's I did at least want to post pics of the celebs arrivals on the scene. Some looked cool, others not so much, and as usual you had a few dressed off the beaten path. Black seems to be the favorite color of choice. (must be in honor of the death of good music) Anyways, here is the funeral procession. & Nicki Minaj

I am hoping all this was just for the performance, because being black and doing blackface is not only idiotic, but redundant. Dark as he is, he could have just not washed his face a few days and got the same effect. Some things people try to do to be "different"... yawn.


Akon is looking all old and out of place at this event. He has that "old man that keep coming to the club with the young folks scaring them look." All black, leather, boring, plenty other people wore the same prom dress as Akon tonight...

 Amber Riley

I can see Amber sporting black for the "slimming effect" and all, but this is not how you do it. She already short, has no waistline and no knees, wearing a bustier mini dress accented with a shapeless vest and flat boots is a fashion faux pas on her part. I say if you go short, you must wear heels. If not, wear jeans. This look makes her look like a burnt tree stump.

Ashley Greene



That jacket and those pants are fighting for attention from their owner. I say put them both up for adoption. 

The Neptunes 

Pharell is such a fashion cornball at times. He tries so hard to be "different." He come off as another old dude trying to stay current. He needs to start pulling his looks together. This outfit looks like he just grabbed his clothes off the floor after sex with some female he just met. Either way, I am not impressed. Different doesn't mean looking for the most odd shit and putting it together in one place. Other two look like they just walked in off the street. 

Deena Nicole Cortese

This is a prom dress from 2001. Shoes from Amiclub. 


I have never trusted a man that has a neck thicker than his head, but I am loving this look and those shoes. Just dapper look pulled together with a little something "different." Pharell take note.

Emma Stone

Decent. Nothing spectacular, just the usual black.

Evan Rachel Wood

This type dress is never good for a small chested woman. It makes her look like a boy wearing his momma's good casino dress. Boots are too big, which makes her really look like a lil boy having had a dress up night in his momma closet while she was gone to place bid-wist

Florence Welch 

When grandma's wear their Oscar Dress to the corner store. Her and that old dress is out of place. 

Gucci Mane

All black including ashy black lipstick? What is he trying to prove?

Hayley Williams

Being that I love Hayley, I am going to excuse the silly look on her face. That dress is really showcasing her nice legs. and the shoes are dope. I am liking this look. Hair color another pardon is given, she is a rocker. I get it.

Jane Lynch

I want to be Jane when I grow up. She is also going with the black tonight, but did it tastefully with the polka dot accents and striped arms. 

Jason DeRulo

Jason Dehellnoyoudidn'twearthisblackcondomasanoutfit. This just screams uncomfortable, and gay. FAIL. (no insult to the gay pop.)

 Justin Timberlake 

All black... is there an Illuminati meeting after the show? 

 Katy Perry 

All that is missing from Katy's outfit is a pair of ice skates. 

Jersey Shore Cast

Baha ha ah ahah ah ah ah aaa. They look like they smell. 

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda look so sweet. I love the simple dress. Age appropriate, and feminine. 


Ne-Yo in his attempt to look dapper, look like he skinned Bugs Bunny. All this grey and all that posing is making me bored. Tight ass jacket. I do appreciate him covering that Star Trek hairline ( \/ ) tho with a hat. 


Fresh off tour with Kelis, Robyn seems to have stolen a few pieces from Kelis backup wardrobe. Them boots, ummm... that carpet must be hell to keep clean.

 Rosario Dawson

Rosario is my girl crush. If I was gay, she would be the one. Of course she was second behind Lauren London, but after having raw sex with Lil Wayne, and getting preggo, her stock dropped to nil. So anyhew, Rosario is looking mad sexy in these complimenting colors. Standing there looking like a style goddess wrapped in a grape fruit roll-up.

Selena Gomez

 Nothing worse than an old looking dress on a young girl. This dress is not in her age category. Too mature. It takes away from her youthful spirit, and soft beauty. She needs not wear these type materials.

Sofia Vergara

I can listen to Sofia talk all day. The cut of the top portion of this dress looks a little "Lucille Ball", but I guess she can get away with it. She is beautiful. I love her. 

Travis McCoy

I kinda dig what he was going for, but the loose cigarette and muscle-less arms dripping from a muscle jacket vest like thingy is so unmasculine. Sigh... Travie... come on now. 

Trey Songz 

baaahha hah ah ah ah ahah ahah ah ah @ that Mad Max and the Whatthehellerdome jacket. How uncomfortable looking. Trey looks like his arms are detachable in this jacket. 

Usher & Justin Beiber

Usher and his Beiber..... all black. Going to the Illuminati afterparty as well. 

 Eva Pigford

She's a model, she better had got it Eva looking great as usual. 


Kesha, Kesha, Kesha.... Well I can say I am looking at my garbage bags in a different way. She bringing back the detachable weave ponytail look that Lil Kim made popular back in the day....


Bish you better WORK IT!! 


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