What is YOUR Sunglass Personality?

Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott

I am a sunglass kinda gal, but being I am also a part of the "four eyes" club, and Lasik surgery is not in my near future, I have to sport my sunglasses when I am not doing things like, driving, walking, and other activities that require I look far ahead. lol. SO.. with that being said, let's look at some of this summer's trendiest, craziest frames, that will make it to NEXT summer, and also some all year round frames that you can sport no matter what the season.

Martin Margiela has his "Incognito" line of shades...

Linda Farrow and Bernhard Willhelm with "Plastic Mask" frames

Linda Farrow and Veronique Branquinho


Delfina Delettrez


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