Can I take you Back for a Second....

As a young girl I would often watch old movies. I especially like movies with Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney. The time period was one of elegance in fashion. I mainly watched to see the elegant gowns and beautiful hairstyles and makeup the women had in the movies.

Fashion today is made quicker, using degradeable materials that shorten the life of clothes in order to get you to buy more. It is about quantity sold instead of quality. So when I run across a elegant gown made with those intricate designs, material and detail, I get excited.

I found this one here while scooting across the internet. The designer is Madeleine Vionnet, and she made this dress back in 1939. Yes this gown is over 60 years old! Look at the beauty and care of the dress, its feminine qualities. For it to last this long and still look the way it does, goes to show you the quality of the materials used. You can find this peice in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Amazing.


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