A Hanae Mori Moment....

So a couple of years back I was flying through Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA. trying to get to the shoe store and back to the hotel to get ready for the club, when I was caught off guard by some annoying lady at a perfume counter. 

Now I have the worse sinus issues, and the perfume counter is the last place that I need to be hemmed up at, unless I am looking to be sneezing, wheezing, and snotting for the rest of the month while inhaling anything I can to stop the sinus pain.

Now besides telling you guys my old lady issues, I want to get back to my reason for pulling you aside. Well I was passing this counter when the spray lady is beckoning me to come to her counter and at least try a bottle of perfume she had neatly displayed up front. So me and my bad sinuses walked over.

It was 
Hanae Mori.

She sprayed a little on a card and I took a whiff and since then I have been in LOVE. 

I am not much for the celebrity fragrance rush, I am more simple and into fragrances that capture me. I don't need a popular celebrity name attached in order to buy it. Hanae Mori is that fragrance for me. Really feminine without being sweet or smelling like I have been rubbing myself on the front lawn with Fido.

It is not as prominent on the counter as most fragrances, but if you ask for Hanae Mori, it is nestled in the case ready for your senses.

Ask for it


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