“Somebody New” - The Amplifetes

The Amplifetes - Somebody New from THE AMPLIFETES on Vimeo.

Why is it that most of the people producing nowadays have just as much talent if not more than the artists they are producing. For one thing, they need to stop worrying about looks and just go on talent, the way they did back in the Motown days. This group here was busy producing music for artists such as Madonna and Britney Spears, that they played the background for some time. Well now they are making it out of the gate.

We can only imagine how many musical greats have been passed over and missed because they didn't have the "industry look" (air quotation).  This group to me, has that type of talent that I think we need more of in this world... Enjoy The Amplifetes!

The Amplifetes - Somebody New


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