Walmart Knew Beforehand that Miley Cyrus’ Jewelry Was Toxic

miley cyrus myspace to cooolllll by jaderain99.

Now I am all for branding and trying to turn a buck, but when you do so knowing that you can cause harm to others, that is where I draw the line. Wal-Mart in its usual attempts to make sure no one surpasses them decided to pick up Miley Cyrus' jewelry line that contained a high amount of Cadmium.  Cadmium is a metal that's considered toxic due to the fact that long-term exposure may cause bone softening and/or kidney failure and can also lead to problems in brain development in young children. Many of which love Miley Cyrus. 

Although just wearing the jewelry doesn't put the wearer at risk, but to bite or suck on the jewelry may introduce the chemical into the bloodstream. With little kids, chewing and biting on the jewelry is almost certain.  With many of her fans between the ages of 6-14 many will be at risk if they have a habit of putting things in their mouth, something that younger kids often do. Mind you that Wal-Mart of course was hesitant to take the popular jewelry off their shelves because of high sales. Money over concern for the customer. 

Way to go Wal-Mart. 


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