Soho Salon Donates Hair for the Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

by Lauren Murrow

High-end Soho salon Ion Studio is pitching in to aid the cleanup efforts for the oil spill in the Gulf. But instead of going the usual route — say, donating proceeds from weekend blowouts or hosting a Champagne-fueled event — the salon shipped off fifteen pounds of human hair this week. Apparently this is a valid strategy: The hair is shaped into “dreadlock-type mats” that soak up oil. “They make a little mattress, dump it in the water, and it sucks up the oil,” says co-owner Leonardo Manetti. Ion donates anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds of hair every few months through Matter of Trust’s Hair for Oil Spills Program. The organization is now sending 450,000 pounds of hair from salons and pet groomers to the Gulf.


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