At the beginning of an assignment,my first step is to  visualize exactly what the image will look like at its conclusion. The clearer I can see the finished painting,the faster I can begin collecting the important elements that will make it a fun and interesting process for myself,and a successful endeavor for my client.


I try to think of the action first,which then allows me to see the primary focus from many different angles,then select the one that works best,and from a fresh perspective.

Once I’m satisfied with the perspective and the composition,the details of characters and hand gestures are selected from a buffet of sketches,photos and carefully scripted reference shoots.When amassing these details,thoughts of light and color are always being presented and debated.

Although constantly aware of my original vision of the final piece,I allow myself to look for pleasant surprises that I may have overlooked. Once the painting process begins,which can vary,depending on size and usage,I work as quickly as possible,eager to see the finished work.  Starting thickly with oils,in a very limited palette,allows me to construct the basic framework,which can be decorated with light washes and fine lines.The intensity of color can now be added to enhance my intentions. In the final stages,I inspect each section to ensure that it fits with my original thought.


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