J. Hudson, No Not Jennifer

Interview by Emma Rosenblum.

You dress like Prince. Is that intentional?

Well, my music is like Prince’s—it’s real funk. But fashion should be about the individual, so it’s cohesive with who I am.

That’s deep.

Yep, who I am is how I look, and how I look is what I sound like.

You’re losing me here. Where are you from?

I’m from Jersey. But I was a child model, so I traveled around a lot. I was working while other kids were playing and going to school.

Does that make you sad?

I create the future, so why should I complain about the past, you know? It’s only a stepping-stone.

You’re a very philosophical guy.

I’m actually a Freemason. My great-grandfather founded the first Freemason lodge in the Dominican Republic back in 1918. I like building the mind and sitting with others and collaborating in order to evolutionize.


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