The Barbie Basic Collection. Too Much?

With the changing times, people should have known that the Barbie Doll collection would change to accommodate it. With the recent unveiling of the Barbie Basics collection, many noticed something different about the dolls.

The dolls looked pretty much like all the other Barbie dolls expect for a few tweeks. The new dolls have a more anatomically shaped bustline, and the neckline of the dress plunge down to mid waistline. This is something that of course mothers and other denouncers felt was over the line, and of course should be removed from the shelves.

The line itself shows tasteful combinations of black dresses and such, but when it comes to doll number 10 (which so happens to be one of the black dolls) she is looking like she trying to entice men with her boobage. The company says that this collection of dolls is actually for the adult collector. So I guess they figure "adult collection" means to sell some sex, rather than up it's style game. I mean it is Barbie. She is a fashion Icon. The only thing they could think of when designing an "Adult" line of dolls was to show boobs? 

Well whatever the decision, times are changing. There needs to be more outrage with the media rather than picking such small battles such as less than an inch of plastic showing on a doll. Call me when they put nipples or pubic hair on the Barbie.


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