10 best beauty timesavers to get you pretty in a flash

by Sarah McColl

We'll make this quick: you're time starved, and you're looking for ways to get out the door looking pretty and polished that take a hot minute. Or you're just really, really lazy. Either way, we feel you. Here are 10 timesavers to get you gorgeous so you can save more minutes for living a beautiful life.  

1. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF. With one swipe, you get hydrated skin, a sheer wash of color, and protection from the ultimate ager, the sun.

2. Convertible color. Instead of juggling separate lipsticks, blush, and eye shadow, choose a single chubby stick or pot of color that prettifies all over.

3. Brighten eyes. Use a bit of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and coat lashes with a glossy, lengthening mascara for a bright-eyed look. Also try using a white eye pencil on the inner rims of eyes.

4. Conditioner as shaving cream. Coat the bottom half of your strands with conditioner, and while it's doing the work of penetrating your dry strands with moisture, use another squirt to shave your legs.

5. Fix a self-tanner gaffe. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and run over streaky areas -- lemon juice is a natural exfoliator and skin lightener.

6. Super fast dry hair. Blow dry your hair from underneath, rather than aiming the nozzle at the top strands first. Flip your head over or clip top layers up.

7. 2-in-1. Use a combo cleanser and toner on your face, hydrating body washes in the shower (so you can skip lotion), exfoliating body washes, and a shampoo-conditioner combo.

8. Basic hair with a boost. You only have time for a ponytail or bun. Dress it up with a headband, tease a little volume at the crown, add a blingy barrette, or wrap a piece of your own hair around the ponytail holder for some polish points.

9. Make a blow-out last. Sleep with it in a high, loose ponytail and dust with dry shampoo when it starts to look a little greasy.

10. Nice nails. When you step out of the shower, rub a bit of olive oil into the nail bed and cuticles to heal delicate, raggedy skin.



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