Trending: Psychoanalytic Prints

If you think you are going through a visual psychoanalytic breakdown when looking at some of the prints coming off the runway to a retailer near you, you are not the only one. Since the Late Alexander McQueen's popularity for his use of hypnotic prints and shapes, many a designer is jumping on that bandwagon and riding it for all it's worth. Now I am not saying that McQueen started this trend, because he is not the creator, but this season he is the front runner on killer prints and shapes of clothes and shoes that bends the eye's perception of what a shoe or a blouse should appear to be. 

Check the insanity after the jump!

Jason Wu

de Grisogono

Miu Miu

Brian Reyes

Kids this is now the end of your analysis, you may go back to your regularly scheduled day.


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