Sassy Trends to look for this Spring.....

Dresses are beginning to look like cream puffs. Sexy layers of silky, crepe-like fabric in fluid shapes styles and cuts. This look is great for a romantic dinner, or to a formal night out on the town. You have to have the personality and the swagger to pass a look like this off or it will look like a mess of cloth hiding your body from the world.

Transparent accessories are always a great way to accent any outfit without it overpowering or taking away from your ensemble. No sense in overdoing it to the point you look like a plastic centerpiece walking down the street. But a few pieces is enough to make your outfit pop in the light or the dark.

Sexy clogs bring definition to the hamstring and guides the eyes straight up the leg to the gorgeous look you have put together. They go great with shorts or a flouncy miniskirt. They come in many colors and styles, so go out and splurge on a few inexpensive pair, and have fun with it.


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