Patricia Field's Play on Sight...

Seems like thanks to Lady GaGa and Rihanna designers are going crazy on the sunglass designs. Although they just look like shades they got from the dollar store and they bedazzled them with fake stones from Wal-Mart arts and crafts section... it seems they want to charge $300 or more for these beauties... hmmm... I need to go into a new line of work.


  1. These glasses are created by designer Jaesyn Burke and sold through Patricia Field. They're not designed by Patricia Field. Homework, style goddess, homework...

  2. Hey HOLD UP...if you want to I can make you head manager of the research department. lol THanks again.

  3. These glasses are not cheap to make honey!They are covered in GENUINE SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS....THANK YOU.


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