I WANT THAT LOOK!!: Recession approach to star style that won't hurt your pockets.

When I saw on the Balmain site that they had a t-shirt that was over $1600, I was left baffled. I was expecting the shirt to come with a bag or keys to a moped. But when it just pictured the shirt and also gave the disclaimer that the pants DID NOT come included, I knew I had to post this information. Well I had 3 emails from people asking me where I found the information on the shirt. I also had one of them ask that I do a poor man's version of that outfit I posted. This is going to be short and sweet. So here goes.

Balmain Top: $1625

Balmain Cropped Pant $2,090

Balmain Total: A House
juss kidding

Balmain Total: $3715 (2 items)

Poor Man's Balmain:


Forever21 $12

yesstyle $68

Poor man's Balmain Total: $83.99

Your Savings:$3631

This has been lesson in shopping. I hope it helps you look like a million dollars this weekend although you spent only $84. :- )


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