Eclectic African Designer Anita Quansah London

Anita Quansah London is a designer from London who produces eclectic, stylish and expressive one-off pieces of clothing and neckpieces. She studied textile design in Chelsea College of Art and Design London and since graduating, she has been working with recycled textiles to create original pieces.

With the knowledge and inspiration gained, she is also working on a collection of jewelery that is a bit of bohemian tribal fused with effortless chic with a modern twist. She is inspired by her passion for creativity, travel (Africa), nature, art, architecture, fashion (contemporary and vintage), and music of past and present generation.

Each piece is handmade in UK using vintage fabrics fused with reclaimed textiles, and materials such as mixed metals-oxidized silver, gold and gunmetal and the introduction of colorful elements such as pearls, beads, rhinestones, ribbon, fringe, rope giving the collection a sense of modernity with a hint of the past. (Source)

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