Beauty Don’ts: Tips, Advice & Treatments Gone Awry

Okay. Whoever thought of this process of removing hair from the body either had no nervous system, or had skin made out of English Calf leather. There is NOTHING sexy or sane about putting hot liquid wax near a woman's vaginal region and then ripping the hair off with fly paper from the garden center in Wal-Mart. There has to be some kind of statute that constitutes this as some form of archaic torture that they used to punish prisoners who flashed people or something. Either way, this is a beauty DON'T!

Spray Tan
With the weather getting warm and the clothes becoming less and less, many people are opting to get spay tans, or bronzer to make up for what they didn't let the sun do. Now some people know how to do this in moderation. A little over the skin gives the appearance of a light tan without the blisters and pain. But like with every trend, someone is going to over do it. Bronzer in the hands of some is like giving chocolate to a chocoholic. Get ready to see a new race of orange people, out and about ready to mingle. For the sane, please don't succumb to this.

Hair Lightening

Although this trend is not going anywhere, we caution you to not use these products on your own. Get professional advice and look into it before lightening your hair. Many easy inventions have been made, like "Sun In" to lighten the hair by just simply spraying it in and going outside letting the sun finish the job. Little do many people realize that without proper care, the hair will become dry, brittle, and in some cases break off. This was never a good idea to put this in bottle form and place on shelves for consumers to buy. It has claimed the lives of many a healthy head of hair, only to leave orange bulrushes in its wake.

LaceFront Wigs

Originally meant for the actors in theater and movies, lacefronts became a popular prop for celebrities who didn't want to destroy their hair while on the road. Having to add heat, and constant styling sometimes 3 and for times a day, depending on the celebrity's schedule, it can cause hair damage and hair loss. The idea of using lacefronts to change that was a wise idea. Well now that lacefronts are affordable, common folk are buying them and losing their natural hairline to these wigs, literally and figuratively. Either the hairline resembles a sumo wrestler, or looks like a bowl of hair fell on their skull. Either way, it looks unnatural, and cheap. Not a good look.

I hope these beauty tips will give you an idea of what beauty Don'ts to stay away from. Be safe, have fun with fashion and ask a professional if you have any doubts.


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