Runway Selections by Alice + Olivia

Stacey, founder of Alice + Olivia, is from Chappaqua, a former website developer. She went to University of Pennsylvania. She didn't study fashion, but loved to shop. Everyone always desired her pants; girls, boys, teachers, co-workers. So she decided that maybe everyone should be able to have them, Alice + Olivia.
The ubiquitous closet of the 20 something, New York fashionable female. If you have not already experienced being a 20-30 something year old woman in New York, you should try or at least watch an episode of Sex in the City. The urban apartment has disappointing, proportionaely painful ratio of space to the wardrobe size. It is safe to say there is never enough room for superfluous clothing in one of New York's many apartments' closets. The denim drudgery. Stacks and stacks of stretch, distressed, dark, detailed...denim, denim, denim. Stacey wanted color. She wanted a fun, funky flare, and cool low slung fit. She wanted PANTS! She loved those low-rigers, she loved the boot cut, she loved the sexy, slimming style of a jean, but yes, there is a world out there beyond the days of denim, she says.
There are 2 styles at Alice + Olivia: the Alice and the Olivia 1 & 2 button. Alice + Olivia promises that these are fabulously fitting pants. The Olivia styles are very much cut like a jean. The Alice is cut like a low wasted pant with a slit leg. Alice + Olivia line all of their waste bands with fun colors, florals, fruits, and funky designs, because they know that girls like their pants to look good on a hanger. They enven have pairs that are custom painted by artists like Peter Beard, Maurizio Zuluaga, Molly McNeely, and Lulu Kwiatkoswki.
Alice + Olivia, the low slung, perfectly fitting pant. How does Alice + Olivia describe their pants in 3 words? Fun, funky, and smart. A sure way to brighten up the closet, receive stops and stares on the street, and insure you will not be one of the seventeen wearing the same jeans at your next event. Alice + Olivia make limited numbers of each style. They use fabrics from all over the world. You name it, they love stripes, prints, and they love wearing pants that make people smile. (source)

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