The 82nd Annual Academy Awards- The Arrivals

Yeah I am late posting this, I spent some quality time with the family. Now that I am done, here is what we have been waiting on, THE OSCARS. Do we even care about the show? I doubt it. This year it is about a few winners and what people are wearing, Period.

So lets get it on!!

Gabourey Sidibe

She did the best with what she has to work with. That is all I am going to say. Moving on....

Mariah Carey

I think Mariah looks pretty, but also uncomfortable. Although recently she has been dressing more her age, she always seems to look as if her pose is constricted by something. I see the marriage weight gain is showing. Something she may want to keep an eye on, she is starting to look like Nick Cannon's mother. See?

Nicole Richie

If Nicole was going for a more matronly look, BINGO! She seems to have settled down and is dressing more mature, even above her age. Although a pretty dress, it is just not a good look for her. It overshadows her soft beauty by being too overwhelming. Better luck next year.

Virginia Madsen

This dress is GORGEOUS. I would do without the belt, but overall Virgina hit a home run with this one. The sheer top is very feminine and the flow and length are perfect. I would have taken the hair up a notch to match the power of the dress to the crown of my head.... but hey, she came real close to a perfect ten.

Stana Katic

Okay this will be quick and painless. 

One word... PROM. 

Deborah Ann Woll

Sometimes I think these stars forget that every year that the Oscars are held and people will be waiting to see what the ladies are wearing. In the case of Deborah here, she didn't learn one of the cardinal rules for fair skinned redheads...Gray/Gray makes you look like a cadaver. This washed out color is NOT for her. It reminds me of a snake shedding it's skin. The embellishment at her waist makes it even worse. It looks like it was snatched off a black dress and added to this one at the last minute because they thought the dress was too plain. 

Mariska Hargitay

Yes Mrs.Mariska Hargitay kept everything in order for this one here. This beautiful dress is a safe look for her. To have recently gave birth to a big baby, she is looking marvelous. Subtle jewelry and up-swept hair complete the look magnificently.

Kathy Ireland

Almost didn't recognize Kathy Ireland. Following suit with the black dress theme, Kathy kept it together with this dark patterned sequined dress and pearled jewels. At some point people need to tell celebs to stop pursing their lips in pictures hoping for a sculptured look to their face. It just shows the lines around your mouth and pushes your crows feet out. Relax the face and hope your makeup shows up. As Tyra for tips.

Giuliana Rancic

First look at this dress and I think: Royalty. The color of this dress is so deep and luxurious, I want to make a whole wardrobe out of this material. Should have picked a different color bag, it disappears while she is trying to show it off. Giuliana needs to relax on the working out, she is starting to look a little muscular in the face and shoulders. It takes a little femininity from her look, but not enough to take away from the dress.... Look at the head on this.... let's go to the next woman....

Ryan Seacrest

I know it is about the ladies, but well Ryan IS one of the ladies. lol  He is looking dapper, although girlfriend needs to work on her stance. Hair has the right amount of products and the smile is on blast. Hugs. Represent Ryan!

 Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke 

These two have a special place in my heart. I am SO waiting on that baby to be born. I know that little morsel is going to be beautiful. Paula looks so sweet in her floor length gown. I am jealous that her face hasn't blown up like mines did a week before I took my pregnancy test.  Could someone tell Robin that Pee Wee wants his hair back... lol Forehead down, he is the epitome of sexy. Is that velvet? lol

Anika Noni Rose

This dress reminds me of the perfect cup of capaccino. The mirrored top, cinched waist, with the bottom spilling down to form a sculpture of folds that cap the dress off beautifully. Anika is stepping her gown game up something wonderful!! I am so glad she had someone to tell her that there was no need for a necklace that would take away from the bodice of the dress. Kudos for that.

Anna Kendrick

This dress is so feminine and has a nostalgic feel to it. Soft Grecian layering, I love the color, lay of this dress. She accented it well. That antique purse is like icing on this cake. Hair softly curled could have had more definition, but is done well. Nice look Anna. Shoes, Trash. Too clunky.

Monique and her escort

Always pressed against her public domain domestic partner like it depends on her life, Monique decided on the Grecian layering. Safe, very Mother of the bride. Him, he looks like he ready to mingle like he's single. lol

Zac Efron

Okay this my GIRL right here. Zac is the source if you need to know how to tossle you hair and give the smoky eye if Jennifer Lopez is unavailable. He is looking scrumptious on this pic as usual. Suit well fitted. Not a surprise.

Sam Worthington

I swear the scruffy look done well on a man just gets my .. ahem. Excuse me everyone. I went to a place, a dirty dirty place. But I am back. Showing up with your girlfriend with her dress on crooked, they probably just came back from that place as well. Same here is looking tired but handsome making sure he didn't divert from the penguin suit.  Neat, and handsome.

Amanda Seyfried

Looking like an evil Barbie doll, Amanda's gown has that sculptured corset that makes this dress a ten even if no one ever put it on. It falls magnificently. Almost defying gravity by the way it falls across the body. She did well picking this dress. 

Zoe Saldana 

I understand that Zoe is a fashion princess, but this dress is not going to be the one that keeps her one. The top of this dress was the beginning of a dress that deserved an award itself. The colors also almost made it a winner. Fit, not so much an award winner. Just because you are slim, doesn't mean you can wear it off the rack. Should have done a fitting.

Sigourney Weaver

Following the Theme from Greece, Sigourney kept it really Valentines day. I like it... a lot.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Sigh. The oldest looking young person in Hollywood with an old person's name, Maggie decided to get a white satin sheet tie dyed with flowers from Hawaii and call it a Oscar Night. Bleh.....

Carey Mulligan

I feel this young lady was the only one to step out of the usual and try something different. A dress with small nuts, bolts and even eating utensils is so Alice in Wonderland. Just  the right size and amount to not be silly. Pixie haircut and the wrong earrings rounds if off beautifully. lol

Tyler Perry

... may I suggest the White Wine instead? lol Just kidding. Love him.

Sandra Bullock

Dress Horrendous. Hair Stupendous!! Her hair looks like glass or ice. Maybe that is why she wore this ice skating dress. 

Sarah Jessica Parker

Looking like a stick of the most perfectly whipped butter, Sarah is always a step ahead of everyone else. This dress is structurally interesting. She "Carries" out off well. Hair needs to be more polished, but overall Sarah has it right.

Queen Latifah

Having erased rapper from her titles, singer, actress Queen Latifah can tuck the gut better than anyone I know. She is here in a ice pink gown, slightly fishtailed and encrusted with beaded accents. Finished off with minimal jewelry, tied back hair, and matching clutch.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is the last person I would think would show up in a dress made out of heating blanket material.  Making it a pale pink doesn't mean to turn the sewing machine on and create. Alexander McQueen is probably crocodile rolling over in his grave over this mess. Yeah I said it. Celebs make me sick sometimes. If you have access to a lot of money and designers willing to let you wear their clothes for free... there should be NO mistakes made. PERIOD. (storming off)

If you wanted to see more Academy Awards Fashions, I am sorry, Jennifer made me mad. Blame her.


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