America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Contestants

Although I stopped watching about 6 cycles back, ANTM keeps the wheels turning spitting out the next invisible model of the year. They win, then fade back to the obscurity from whence they came. Now some have been doing a little work thanks to BET and a new mag needing someone to exploit, but here we go again. Last season I heard they were picking midgets. This season I am not so sure what is going on. I do notice that they are thicker than a snicker, and all have a fake bowlegged stance that would make any hood rat proud. I guess the theme of this cycle is leftover models who didn't make the other seasons. These are some mediocre females. I guess with Tyra, greatness is possible. If at least for as long at this cycle is on television. Here are the new 15 minute seekers.

Alasia, 18

Gabrielle, 18


Simone, 19

Alexandra, 21

Tatianna, 21

Naduah, 22

Raina, 22

Ren, 22

Angelea, 23

Anslee, 23

Brenda, 23

Krista, 26


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