Project Runway: Ping Ping Ping

With many reality shows I watch a couple of years and then I begin to lose interest slowly. Almost like slowly drifting to sleep. In the case of Project runway, it seems to be slowly becoming mundane. You have to see how flamboyant the gays will be as the only ray of sunshine. Other than that, you hope someone can sew their ass off as the only way of keeping you interested.

Well in true American Idol fashion, this year they have Ping Wu.

Well besides that fact that she cries just having to say good night to anyone, Ping made a dress this week that gave a little TOO much to the imagination. The same Ping, that speaks in a whisper, had her model's bum hanging out giving everyone the business. On one site they called her dress, "Ping's Peek-a-Booty Bag Dress." As you see the model walking you get a glimpse of each cheek, enough to have the panel looking dazed. Check it out below.

I thought this was enough to send her home, but she was allowed to stay. Hopefully the next challenge is making sarongs. Because her lack of construction in this dress was painful. I may start a "Pray for Ping" campaign.


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