2010 Grammy Awards I'm a Style Goddess Fashion Reviews

As usual, Adam comes out dressed like a sequined Goku from DragonBall Z. One note, boring. 

Beyonce has worn every gown known to man, except anything from her own line of clothing, Dereon. But this dress looks like a girdle with some piping. Not her best, but the best way to hide bulges in a sexy way. 
Didn't they wear this at the last awards show?

Beautiful, tasteful, very feminine. I love the classic chiffon look with the modern top design. 

A very gaunt looking Sheryl Crow wearing a straight dress. Runs right into the carpet with no pizazz. 

A very Svelte Jennifer Hudson looking great after giving birth recently. Keeping it all black and basic, the cuts on the skirt give it texture and hides little bumps in the road. 

This dress makes me itch. Nice haircut though. 

Okay, now this could have been a big win for Keri Hilson, but she messed it up in several ways. The hair, helmet and plastic. The belt, unnecessary. Dress tail, wrinkled. Semi- Fail. 

Although the Jonas' are a newly married couple, and are very awkward with one another when showing affection. You can't tell by their prom ensemble. Well coordinated. Classy.

 I don't know who's child this is, but I can tell she had no one in her circle bold enough to tell her not to wear this arts and craft two piece ill fitted mess. BLEH.

Jamie Foxx looking very dapper in this all black ensemble. I am surprised he let his real forehead out for the occasion.

Lady GaGa never fails to disappoint on the theatrical level. She is not someone you can critique because she is not in the mold. I am just going to say, Go GAGA!

I love to hate her on "Glee", but you have to admit she is SMOKIN' in all black. Beautiful brunette. 

All black is the theme of the night, AGAIN, but Melanie Fiona looks pretty. She needs to be careful of makeup though. She is the type that doesn't need makeup, and to wear it makes her look a little older. So she should consider clean face a little eye makeup and lipgloss. 

Let us Pray....

She looks like a beautiful swan. Nothing new to see here.. it's Rihanna. We expect this from her. 

I'm confused. Did two different dresses get sewn together by mistake?

Taylor looks poured into that dress. It is sexy, saucy, I love it. She knows how to ride the hell out of a bad moment.... and she is looking good doing it.

Dry heave...

If only Pink didn't look like she was ready to gut the camera man I would be okay. She is so beautiful, and sassy. The dress on the other hand is pretty, but a little blah.

Mary is wearing tight and simple. I see those spanx girl ! lol

Kid Cudi took it back with this suit. It is simple, and understated. He looks nice.

Ciara is always trying to get "Rihanna Points", but always fails miserably. At some point she will start wearing clothes that fits her slim frame. She looks a mess and I would tell her that to her face. 

Ashanti still fighting to not be forgotten in a caramel trained gown that looks like it was made for someone older. We see you girl.

I didn't even watch the show because talent is so scarce and fashion is gone to everyone trying to look like everyone else. Not much individuality. But I see I didn't miss much. I hope the next year will bring back more individuality. I have to bite my tongue and give props to Lady GaGa for being that something different. Leave comments if you like, tell me what you guys think of this years show, and the fashions...


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