I WANT THAT LOOK!!: Recession approach to star style that won't hurt your pockets.

One of the things I like about Janet's style when she is offstage is how simple and down to earth she is. Her style doesn't always look like she is wearing it to get attention, or look like she stepped off the runway, purposely. Some singers use clothes to generate press where their talent lacks, but Janet, looks as if she just wants to be stylish and comfortable. She is about secure style.I am going to make this outfit affordable for us regular folk, lol.  Sometimes simple style can look inexpensive on the stars, but they have on designer versions of the styles we can get for less.

Janet's Look Approximately:  $14,000 (because of that purse)

Our Entire Look: $203

For those that can afford the real Christian Louboutin's



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