2009 American Music Awards Red Carpet and Performance Fashion (plus comments)

Tonight was an awkward night for me when it came to the 2009 American Music Awards show. Music just doesn't feel the same because it seems as though we are rewarding the same artists over and over again and not letting enough new blood into the ring. But this is a Fashion blog, so that is neither here nor there. I was really disappointed on the fashion side as well. It seems everyone is staying in the same color scheme since Rihanna's dark self stepped on the scene making all things black and white the norm. It seems like the music industry is playing follow the leader this year. I have some things to say.....Here we go...

With Keri Hilson coming on the scene with songwriting skills, I can say I was happy to hear an artist who could sing and also write. Yay for talent!! But I can't say the same for her sense of fashion. Whereas her dress and hair gets a pass, her makeup is horrid. With such fair skin and beautiful eyes, who in her camp thought it would be wise to make her up like she is casket ready. Memo to the person who did her makeup, Stop. The only person who needs this much makeup is Seal.

Now I was loving this group before they added old lady Fergie, but I ain't mad at them for making a strategic marketing move if it meant them making it big. Tonight their outfits are standard leather, sequins, suede and poom pah, nothing out of order here. Fergie still look like an old lady when she turns her head certain way. I know she hiding crow's feet by parting her hair down the middle and letting it fall to the front.

For a mother of two, and in her 40's, Toni is showing the young ones how to look sexy and still tasteful. This gown shows less skin than we are used to from Ms. Toni, but she has her dapper son with her, so that might be the reason why. He is sharp too.

Tonight Rihanna wore one of the most interesting and original dresses. This origami themed strapless gown is not only unique, but it tells a story. This is the type fashion that sets Rihanna apart from anyone else on the carpet. Her stylist must be applauded for taking risks and setting new trends on the body of one of the most overrated singers (cough) of our time. Rihanna better hope she never pisses her stylist off. Your stylist keeps you in the papers.

Adam Lambert was caught shopping in Rihanna's closet on the Fire and Brimstone side. Other than looking like a lil devil spawn from DragonballZ, I find his style in this pic pretty impeccable. Of course he is one of the ones leading the line to hell in a Louis Vuitton Handbasket, but he gets a pass on the fashion tip.

Leona Lewis was the most frugal of the night when it came to her outfit. She wore it on the carpet and onstage for her performance by adding some tulle and calling it a stage dress. Well before she hit the stage, she should have hit up Payless Shoes and gotten something other than these Frankenstein stompers to go with this Catwoman Dress. Why so dark, Why not wear something lighter and more flattering to your complexion... Oh I forgot, you trying to compete with Rihanna too. sigh.

Alicia "I took yo Man" Keys, came dressed in this beautiful number. The shoes and dress are very matchy, matchy, but they accent her body ever so snug, and accentuates her complexion very well. Hair could have been done better, it is a little dated, but it is not taking away from the dress.

Every time I see Melody Thornton alone without the rest of the PCats, I feel like re-emailing her publicist and thanking her for not taking me up on my offer to interview her. She is such a fashion tragedy, no matter where she goes she is either half right, somewhat right, or all wrong with her fashion choices. Who dresses this child?
If it isn't her pulling her hair back with that Eddie Munster hairline, she has on an outfit that doesn't match the shoes. THIS is the case with her again. Did she pick the right dress, and then pick up the wrong shoes? What?  I have two options for you Melody, Fire your stylist, or Hire one.

Shawn Robinson is so decent to me. She is the type woman that doesn't take risks, but she does make sure she is coloring inside of the lines when it comes to what she wears and how she slaps her wig on. I can appreciate a woman like that in this day and age. Not everyone rocks the boat, some just stay off the promenade deck, and sit in the cabin drinking Ensure. Shawn is one of those people. This dress is safe, hair is safe, make up under the radar, and shoes are junior year prom safe.

I think this awards show, Shakira worked on making sure she didn't show up in the same outfit as anyone else. With the Studio 54 friendly shoes, and the skin tight banana sheath laced with sequined icing and cutouts, Shakira succeeded. That woman would look good if she came wearing a UPS outfit.


Now people can call Kelly Clarkson fat all they want, the girl is just solid, even when she was industry skinny.  This dress on the other hand was something she could have left at the store. It reminds me so much of those dresses that the older ladies wear to a Mardi Gras Ball in Alabama. You know when granny wanna show a little wrinkled skin without letting everyone see her full body girdle. Then wear a Mason ring as an accessory, and then finish off the look with a half frazzled crimp job in your hair? Kelly, honey. NO.

While this is the best that I have seen Paula Abdul in a long time, I have to say this is the best dress of the evening. One thing though. Did she think this was the Oscars? Can we say OVERDRESSED. It was like she went and got a dream wedding gown and dyed it black for this show. It was funny watching her waddle to the podium. But If she gets someone to bedazzle it, or dye it again to a ruby color, I will act like she didn't wear it at the AMA's. I will act like I have never seen it before.

I just love Mary and her sense of style. This dress is simple and elegant. Now I am going to say it looks like some old rayon nightgown with two Hawaiian knots tied in it to hold it up, but it isn't that bad. So I will be nice. I love her hair and her ability to stay fly, without copying Rihanna one bit.

Something about Janet is off. She is not dancing with the energy or the drive that she used to. I don't contribute it to her weight. Because I have seen her throw down even bigger than she is now. I just don't see the spark in her performances lately. It may be because of her brother Michael's recent passing, but I can say I still support her 100%. With that said, what in THE world is this doo doo brown, baby got the bubbleguts green, droopy crotch hell is this. Shoulder pads and a Xena belt did not help. Imma need Janet to take a break and come back 100% or just let it go. Because this outfit was uncalled for.

Ummm, Neyo if you are going to have a female represent you at the awards you are going to have to stop letting them pick outfits from your old video sets. Bandage dresses are so LAST YEAR. Please give her an allowance for clothes if you are going to drag her to awards show appearances. Make-up flawless though.

Okay so now he trying to be a male model. I swear people have some 007 personalities when it comes to their persona. This is a nice look, but the Tyra Banks approved smoky eye and modeling stance throws me off a bit coming from Drake. He is so Droopy the dog to me. Zero Sex appeal. I would have bought it if he had a chain with a diamond wheelchair on it.

Look at Snoop and his Auntie. I might have went for what Mrs. Snoopy D O Double G was selling if she didn't put on that too little Sunday School jacket. I gave her a pass with the shoes and the jumpsuit with the etch-a-sketch belt, but that jacket let me down something terrible. Even worse to wear lipstick as blush and eyeshadow too... a no NO. Snoop is just Snoop.

J-Lo the habitual smoky eye and pouty lip abuser is at it again trying to get her model on with no degree. Tyra would be proud but would not give her, her picture and another week to prove she is on her way to becoming America's Next Top Model. We know she hiding the wrinkle belly from her spawn with the ostrich feathers, but I think it is time for her to stop trying to be all skinny. She starting to look like Marc Anthony in the face. Overall the outfit is sexy, shoes, and the clutch, but where did the Darth Vader line of Eyeshadow, Liner and Light Sabers come from. Too Dark for such a light breezy dress.


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