We Can Do Better Part 7: Angelyne

This is the Queen of Self Promotion for doing NOTHING. She has posted large billboards of herself doing nothing around California. She is what we call the Best at Attention whoring. At some point you would think someone would tell her that now that she is 64 years old, that it is time to hang up the sexpot clothes, and take on a more mature but classy look.

Now I understand that Pink is her thing. I am going to give her a look that is still in her color scheme. I am not that insensitive that I can't see that she has this pink thing going as her signature... but something needs to give. Lawd them Boobs. SMH. This may be my most challenging make-upper yet. Yawl Pray my strength. For her I am going to do TWO COMPLETE LOOKS. First she is going to need some color, Her SKIN is so BLAH. A slight tanning for this one. Next is her clothing looks. One look will be dressy, for the upscale occasions, and one for the casual days, because this here needs all the help she can muster. I hate pink on ANYONE but babies and Candy Stripers at the hospital, but since Miss Thang has an affinity for it, I will accommodate her.

Hair is a more demure blond updo.


Necklace by Koodos

Dress by Alice + Olivia Rigby

Shoe by Diego Dolcini

Clutch bag by Paul Smith


Maxi dress by Development

Sandal By Frye

Bag by Gap

Ring by Shop Curious

Bracelets by Monsoons

I incorporated her PINK, while keeping it classy and clean. No excuses for her now.


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