I WANT THAT LOOK!!: Recession approach to star style that won't hurt your pockets.

Although you can see more ribs when Victoria(Posh) Beckham is wearing a revealing top, than you see at a BBQ cook-off in the hood, she is a fashionista to the bone. She has class and style all her own. When all you have to do is make babies for one of the finest men on earth, and tell your nannies what to do with your seedlings until you need the kids for a photo op....all you have to do is just SHOP and be. Victoria does it WELL. Her sense of style is wonderful..!!! But we lowly people can't afford that $5000 Balmain's Jacket, or their $2200 jeans... Or that elegant evening look... So I am going to make BOTH LOOKS affordable for you to rock these styles like grandma Vickie... so here we go.

First Look: Casual

Price for this Balmain Outfit including accessories: Over $27,000
Price for similar stylish look including accessories: Less than $365

Shades: GoJane
Leather Jacket: Very
Blouse: Debenham
Belt: ASOS
Jeans: Republic
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Debenham
Bracelet: 1928

Second Look: Dressy

Price for Evening wear including ring and shoes : Over $100,000
Price for Evening wear including ring and shoes: Less than $220.00

Tube Top: WetSeal
Ring: ASA

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like me to do on of your favorite celeb you would like to wear an outfit like email me your requests or pictures of the outfit you want me to post. Send emails to bettyboopbbw69@gmail.com. THANKS!!


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