The BEST : MTV VMA's Part 1

Taylor Taylor Taylor. This young man has blossomed ever so quickly into a sex symbol that doesn't have to try to be one. The suit, fresh cut locks, olive skin, and effortless sex appeal makes us have to give him a 10 out of 5 stars... WOW.
Nelly Furtado has come a long way from the little flowery, hippie she came out as. This black dress and platform heels give her body a svelte look. With pulled back hair, and minimal jewelry, she allows the beaded chest plate of the dress to shine. Very mature look for her.
Taylor Swift looks oh so darling in this long, flowing beaded gown. With her wavy hair pulled up and back it allows the back of the dress and the one shoulder to be shown as well. Red Lips and light makeup seems to be the theme of the well dressed tonight.
This is one night that I will say that Solange looked better than Beyonce. Her newly cut hair, bronzed skin color, pink lips and nails, black dress and heels came together to form a very statuesque woman. No longer sporting dingy red braids or pounds of barbie weave, Solange is already into her own sense of style. Now we need more music from you. You look beautiful.
Latin Rapper PitBull came out deck in a fitted suit looking very dapper. The deep mulberry colored tie set off the dark suit. Very nice. Now just get rid of the soul patch under your lip.
Beyonce wore a beautiful red mini dress trimmed in ruffles with a drop pleated skirting. Hoop earrings and bangle bracelets completed the look. Wet wavy hair, and neutral makeup completed the ensemble along with black satin shoes.

Katy Perry shines tonight in a racy sequined dress. With asymmetrical lines , low cut bustier, matching shoes, Katy showed that she can pull off EXTRA HOT. Check out the 1950's Makeup. It keeps her face flawless and not overpowered. Very well put together.
In true rocker fashion, FeFe Dobson is dressed in a way that doesn't follow fashion trends, but still states style. The tapered jacket with lace gloves, Loose fitted black shirt and Velvet tights (which she gets a pass on) all comes together. Last statement with the animal print shoes completes the look to bring the eyes to follow the line from her chopped locks, soft lip, slim body, but rocked out style without going overboard.
Leggy Amerie showcased color with a beautiful caped after five dress and simple black heels. She accessorized with a simple ankle bracelet, and let her long beautiful hair flow in wavy locks. Simple and sexy.
Tonight was the theme of black dresses for the females. Alicia didn't stray from this theme and kept is sexy yet sparkled. Simple sequined dress with strappy shoes and clutch and minimal jewelry kept this simple and classy.
Alexa Chung is classy in this timeless dress. Very Feminine with a touch of updated style with her black platform shoes. Great combination old and new with soft hair and light makeup. Very nice indeed.


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