We Can Do Better Part 6: Tai James

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, look at this hot mess of an outfit. I think this young lady doesn't know if she is going to sleep, walking the runway, or trying to become "little indian bad dresser". From the cheap satin, to the shimmery jacket from the dollar store, it just looks like regurgitated rayon. Her name is Tai James, Rick James Daughter, so she gets a pass. Her dad(may he rest in peace) was not the epitome of fashion, so we expect her to have no fashion sense either. Clearly by this outfit she is not.

So we are going to give her a few dressing tips which may or may not follow this scheme. I hope she sees this post. Her outfit here is so loud and shiny that it takes away from her obvious beauty which deserves the shine not her clothes.

I can't stand when a beautiful woman wears fashion tragedies....


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