New Series: We Can Do Better !!! (part 3)

Oh my goodness... Meagan Good.. such a beautiful young lady. But one thing is, is if she is walking down the street in a photo, she always looks like she just got finished having sex, and she threw on whatever clothes she had on the day before. With so many beautiful clothes available to females, and the fact that she should have enough money to at least get some decent clothes, she shouldn't always have on the same outfit. Lumberjack print... no. Just because something comes back in style doesn't mean get it in every color and wear it with some dingy looking jeans. I hate to talk about her in this way, but babydoll is too gorgeous to always look like she don't care about her appearance. It may affect how people see her, that may give her better roles than just playing some actor's girlfriend. If you want leading roles.... try looking the part. Stripper fashion, or one step away from it will not get you taken seriously. Maybe that is why she is opting to be the sports players girlfriend... always the girlfriend....Time for new hair, clothes, attitude. Come on Meagan... We can do better!!!!


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