Takers: Movie Premiere Arrivals (plus critique)


The night belonged to the fellas in the long awaited movie "Takers" premiere in Hollywood California. Quite a few A-listers through Z-listers showed up to support the most handsome cast of men in movie history. Take a look at the arrivals!!

Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen

Sorry everyone I am too turned on right now to even critque clothes.. I will continue after I finish drooling on my keyboard.(random curse words mixed into gritting teeth)

Keri Hilson
For once I can totally agree with Keri Hilson Fashion AND hair choices. She looks amazing. Where I would have chosen a better shoe, she looks amazing. That smoky eye, and Large chandelier earring is amazing!! KERI!!

Zulay Henao

Whereas this dress looked a million times better on Rihanna, Zulay still did this beautiful bare shoulder dress justice. Her height may be the reason why she looks a little dumpy in it. She definitely would have fared better had she done something more with her hair, maybe a sexy updo. 

Director John Luessenhop & Family

The whole family looks like they are going to church on a Sunday. That I approve of. Nothing to critique here except I want to take the baby boy home, he is too adorable

Casting Director Twinkie Byrd

Ms. Twinkie here kept it simple. Black and white. Repping for the full figured, although to me she is not full figured, she looks nicely put together. Loving the natural hair !!

Actor Shaun B'Laurent

Now I am usually all for using hats and accessories, but in Shaun's case, ummmm, no. His use of stripes in two different colors really doesn't fare to well in contrast to each other. I think he could have dressed up a tad bit more. 

Actors Kwame Boateng & Kofi Siriboe
The metrosexual force is going on strong with these two. I haven't seen so much facial product and primping on two men in my life. Well I have, but in this case, these are the youngest. Their choice of clothes are nice, except for the Burberry tie. 

Rapper/Actor T.I. Harris
What can I say. Newly married T.I. showed up and showed out in this ice grey suit and tie. He has come a long way from his beginning days in ATL huh? Killa.

Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Actor Chris Brown 

I can say that this look is unique to Chris Brown. He always seems to be pushing the envelope with this footwear, and tonight is no exception. The all black ensemble is a clean look and Chris sporting curls makes him look more mature. 

Actor Quinton Aaron

Ole dude from "The Blind Side" got himself a date I see. The usual publicity opportunist came wearing a sexy, yet boring bra-top dress from Fredricks of Hollywood clearance page. Team that with the Eddie Munster tribute hairstyle and Wha Laa, you have an instant date for the night. Aaron on the other hand is just wearing a shirt and some jeans. Nothing to say about that. (side eye)

Bollywood actress Koena Mitra
Looking like a Bollywood Kim Kardashian dressed in semi-traditional Indian garb, Mitra is giving us a little peek a boo action topped off this sequins. Beautiful.

Actress Vail Bloom
Vail is too damn old to be sporting this Forever 21 cheesy summer dress and gladiator shoe ensemble. Sigh. We have got to do better Ladies.!!

Model/Actress Claudia Jordan
Claudia went simple and sexy. Those Louboutins are crazy. I guess those were the exclamation point in a rather "safe" outfit. Very nice. Although the tousled hair is nice, I think it is time she lets go of the weave

Actors Michael Ealy & Hayden Christensen
Drooling again. Be Back Soon. 

Producer William Packer
Dapper Defined. Full Stop.

Actress Malinda Williams
Add caption
I love this woman's style. Although simply dress, you can still see style and sex appeal. Black halter dress, understated makeup, touch of cleavage.... classy.

Actress Camille Winbush

Absolutely beautiful from knee up, Camille is beautiful in black. Now the lucite shoes belong on no one but strippers and prostitutes. The end.

MTV Personality LaLa Vasquez-Anthony
 LaLa is looking absolutely adorable in this layered dress. Although I do not care for the black leather backing, she wears it well with her new more curvy figure.

Singer Jesse McCartney

Jesse, darling, you are looking extra delicious right now. I am loving the liquid black suit here. Very dapper, well fitted. His Buster Brown (that's I call them) are an amazing choice to finish off this polished look. Kudos. Greasy hair, shaved sides, screams bowl haircut though. He gets a pass from me. 

I am not oblivious to the fact that a lot of celebs that always show up to everything was missing from this movie premiere. I mean some celebs will show up to the licking of a stamp in a local post office if it means an envelope is involved. Whether it has to do with much of Hollyweird (the same people who love to do movies celebrating people like Charles Manson, and other murderers) still boycotting anything Chris Brown does is something I can't prove, but to all that did show, thanks for being mature, and knowing a good movie when they see one. 


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