Botox For Babies....

I recently read an article speaking on how young celebs (and un-celebs I am sure) are getting Botox at younger and younger ages. The most recent person I heard of was a young Filipino pop singer named Charice, who has for some reason leaned towards Botox to get that "Refreshed" look. At 18 years old, I don't know how much more refreshed that one can look I mean.... 18 years old, you wash your face, and WHA LAA... REFRESHED!

Now what I have seen is that after using these type of shots regularly, hastens that aged look. So it is almost like a vicious cycle. You take the shots to look better, yet the shots are what have you looking shot in the first place. I have seen Lindsay Lohan's face frozen and almost wax like to the point she looked like she had aged 15 years in one night. THAT is not refreshed. A 23-year-old Heidi Montag decided that she needed to turn herself from a beautiful 23 year old, to a 30 something post-hooker with two scoops of mash potatoes for breasts.

Another female celeb that needs to leave her face alone is Megan Fox. She is one of the most beautiful brunettes in a long time on screen, but her love of Botox and whatever else she is doing to her noggin is not agreeing with her. I do see her looking rather leatherish in the near future. After her botox shots, her face looks tighter than an African Drum soaked in alcohol.

Hollywood is pushing off on to our young the most distorted view of what beauty is. They wait till the females turn 18 and then it is on and poppin', time for the botox and surgeries to change what is already beautiful. It is a sad day when a young, fresh faced teen thinks that a chemical is the only thing that can make her face better. Oh Hollyweird.


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