Is The Fashion Elite Tired of Using Over Exposed Celebs?

For a while now, many Hollywood celebrities could be found modeling clothes and selling products where in the past there were only models used to represent in these ads. As of recently many companies have pulled the use of celebrities and gone back with the idea of using the professionals, the models.

Louis Vuitton recently pulled Madonna from its ads and replaced her with model Lara Stone for its Spring 2010 as campaign. 

Designers are opting out of using actresses as a sort of cleansing of the palate from actresses and celebrities whose bodies of work may cloud the purpose the designer may be trying to get across with their campaign to sell their clothes and accessories. Nothing worse than a singers using their exposure in a fashion spread to push their CD. It defeats the purpose. Designers see this, and are changing how this works.

Now don't assume that celebrities will not be used in the future, just don't expect the frequency that you have seen in the past. Just contribute the change to the genre's easy boredom with certain concepts. Soon enough they will be back to using celebrities to push their products if they see even the slightest decline in sales. 


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