Fighting Fashion Tooth and Nail....

Poly Van der Glas is an Australian silversmith, uses a unique idea of utilizing human teeth and hair to making silver jewelry. Using teeth in this manner makesa lot of people thing that Poly Van der Glas has given the world of recycling a new idea. Many of the teeth in various states of decay, are quickly frozen in time and captured in a silver crowning ready to be worn for prosperity. Can you say oddities?

Poly Van der Glas also uses hair from China and India along with teeth from all over Melbourne to make this unique jewelry.  The hair is painted in silver, along with the teeth set into silver and designed to be appealing and functional in each jewelry piece. 

 Some people may find wearing another person's teeth and hair as an accessory really weird. Poly Van der Glas does make personalized jewelry that you wear made of your own or a loved ones. For those that don't care, there are an array of choices and styles.  Eccentric jewelry is becoming a strong trend in the eyes of thoe trying to be fashion forward.


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