Silly Or Weird Lingerie Items


When I saw this I became confused. Is this for things going in or coming out? What is suppose to go in, and what is suppose to come out? So many question. So few answers. If you have a hint. Email me. 

Full Metal Bra-cket

If underwire wasn't enough punishment to the tender breasts of any woman, someone had to create a bra made of full metal. If I had to put on something this constrictive to please a man, consider his ass as good as DUMPED.

The Garden of Enuff-Den

There is nothing wrong with being really girlie and cutesy when you are trying to be feminine. But when your corset is vomiting flowers you have to take it back a notch. Just because it was created doesn't mean you should wear it.

Blue Flame

Now I am all for color. But this one looks a hot scratch mess. To kill Grover from Sesame Street all for the sake of keeping your boobs sweaty is just wrong, and a bad fashion choice.

Swan Lake On a Rack

Nothing worse than a bra top that well hides the breasts. This horror covered tulle top is unflattering to even the largest breasts. It has to be hard to put your arms down without scratching the underarm pits. 

Crocheted Crack

With the legalization of marijuana in some areas, I can only attribute some creations to the use of something stronger. (blank stare)

Bird Bustier

Again, some things should not be used to make clothing. Feathers on some clothing choices are annoying. Having Peacock tickle you to the point of insanity scares others, and also throws your sensory perception off. Try leather.


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